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The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.(Ps118:22) The building of a city is the fulfillment and expression of the innate yearnings of the people in their desire for security, love and relationship. The city begins with the building of a single house, and the house begins with the laying of the cornerstone. This stone is the point from which the first road will travel and life will flow into the city. The cornerstone must bear the weight of every stone built upon it; it must be the strongest stone in the house. And is also called keystone. Ancient Chinese spoke of the ‘Bravestone’ (Shi Gan Dang) located at the corner of the house and facing out into the streets. It will bear the pressure of every impact and challenge that the house will face. If the stone is strong it gives strength and safety, the house built upon it will not be shaken and the house becomes a home. The strength of the cornerstone is at the heart of our striving to create a city that gives security and enhances love and relationship.

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